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Spargelfest 2015

April marks the beginning of asparagus season, or Spargelzeit. Join us as we celebrate Spargelfest in our Fredericksburg location with the fresh, delicious tastes of Spring!

Spargelfest 2015 menu (through May 3)

Strawberries laced with orange liquor in Riesling wine w/ a touch of champagne
Vorspeisen / Appetizers

Beer battered green asparagus w/ house remoulade

Cream of white & green asparagus soup

Half a pound of steamed white asparagus w/ hollandaise

Hauptgerichte / Entrees

The Classic
Pork Schnitzel w/ white asparagus, sunny side up egg & hollandaise

The Delight 
Duck breast over mixed greens w/ white & green asparagus, walnuts & oranges in balsamic vinaigrette

The Vegetarian 
Green asparagus wrapped in a savory herb crepe, topped w/ mushrooms and hollandaise